Saturday, May 14, 2011

re: 2011 Florida QSO Party

The 2011 FQP is now history. I had a great time this year. I was able to put in about 9.5 hours mostly on Saturday. The conditions were good but 15 and 10 meters never really opened up which would have been great. I ended up with 560 qso's with only 52 on phone. I decided to maximize my score by making as many CW qso's as possible and it was easier on the ears. I had a great run on 40 meters Saturday night with about 140 q's in a run. Lots of Europe on with Poland leading the pack. For some strange reason I had a lot of dupe calls with many coming from well known contest ops. Final score was 201,000 points. Kept the keyer speed about 24 to 26 wpm which is a good speed for me. Well, looking forward to next year with better conditions all across the bands.

73, N4EK