Thursday, February 28, 2008

CQWW 160 SSB Contest a bust!

Well the 160 meter ssb contest was not to be this year. On Friday afternoon, Feb.23rd we had some strong weather fronts move through which brought some strong thunderstorms. I don't like to be holding a key or wearing a headset when there is lightning in the area. Although the weather cleared up on Saturday I just was not in the mood to get on. On Tuesday Feb. 26th we had more strong weather move through with 60+ mile per hour gusts. A lot of trees broke off on top of the beverage antenna and the vertical portion of my inverted L broke off from the feed insulator on the remote tuning box and is now up in the top of a pine tree. Time for some more repairs. This weekend is the ARRl DX Phone contest. I will have some time to operate in this one except for time away on Saturday and Sunday morning. I will be operating as SOABLP. Hope to hear alot of good DX on with great band conditions.

73, Ed

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